Power Up with SoulCycle

By Ansley Childree BSEP, ACSM-HFS

SoulCycle is sweeping the nation and all demographics, including celebrities, seem to flock to its enticing characteristics. The cycling routines are easy to follow and incorporate upper body movements while pedaling against resistance on stationary bikes. The classes incorporate hand weights and core exercises on the stationary cycle. Some examples of the exercises are putting weight on the handlebars of the bike and doing push ups and taking the elbow to each hip for oblique crunches. Bonus: All of the classes are held by candlelight, so you don’t have to worry about looking silly in front of other participants. Having fun and staying inspired is this company’s main concern for each participant.

We caught up with Bri Cooke, BSNFS and CPT, who has been incorporating SoulCycle routine ideas into her spin classes with positive feedback. Cooke says that her participants claim to have more energy throughout the class and develop a better mental state and seem to be highly entertained. “They love it because the rhythmic moves incorporate full body movement and distract them from the muscle fatigue occurring in their legs,” says Cooke.

SoulCycle is offered in several locations including: New York City, NY; Long Island, NY ; New Jersey, Connecticut, Northern California, and Southern California. A full list can be viewed to find a convenient location near your area. The SoulCycle website reveals that studio numbers will double by the year 2015, so keep an eye out for a studio opening near your location so you can cycle your way to a healthy lifestyle!

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