Finding Your Purpose

By Kate Wilke

In an article written for Mind Body Green, Tara Mullarkey said, “It is painful to sit behind a desk inside a walled office when your soul just longs to do something creative, meaningful, and exciting. It longs to use its unique talents and experiences to do good in the world and get paid well to do it.”

Mullarkey is a business coach and yoga instructor. She helps driven women clarify their purpose and passion to create a “successful soul-centered business,” according to Mind Body Green. Mullarkey’s career began as a corporate banker in New York City. She realized she needed to escape, travel, move to Mexico, and create her own business helping others find their own passion for life. Mullarkey explains on Mind Body Green how she knew what she would enjoy doing, but did not feel qualified for her dream job.

Mullarkey writes, “I hear from my clients day in and day out that they feel stuck. And I’m sure you can relate. You know what you want (kind of), but the days and years keep going by and you’re not making it happen.”

What is the wall keeping people from living the life they have always wanted? According to Mullarkey in her article on Mind Body Green, “3 Tips To Move Toward Your Purpose When You’re Stuck,” the answer is fear.

Mullarkey gives tips on how to overcome your biggest fears:

  1. Do something every day in pursuit of your dream.
  2. Surround yourself with people who understand you and are doing what you aspire to do.
  3. Be kind to yourself and disagree with the negative thoughts bringing you down.
  4. Do something outside of your comfort zone every day.
  5. Start before you’re ready.

If you still have trouble determining what exactly you feel called to do and what you are truly passionate about, Mullarkey offers some questions in her Mind Body Green article, “How to Make Money Doing What You Love,” to help you discover your purpose:

  1. “What do you love to do and talk about?”
  2. “If money weren’t a necessity, what would I spend my days doing?”
  3. “What do I like to research online? What do I read about?”

“You can’t think your way to your purpose. It emerges from your soul,” Mullarkey writes.

  1. “What are the major suffering/pain points in your life?”

“While these stories may not be what you want to re-live over and over again, they are the key to connecting with others. You made it through and you can help others do the same. Your unique story is the key to your business,” says Mullarkey.

  1. “What does the world need?

Mullarkey explains, “The thing you love has to fit a need in the marketplace if you’re going to make money.”

Don’t wait to spend your days doing what you love and what you do best. Mullarkey’s advice shows just what you need to begin the life your soul longs for.

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