Core Storm Workout

By Ansley Childree BSEP, ACSM-HFS

Struggling with excess belly fat is never fun and finding the perfect core workout that your body responds well to is even more challenging. However, following some basic guidelines on a weekly basis and adding variety to your core workout may just be the ticket to getting that spare tire to shrink. While cardiovascular exercise is extremely important when focusing on expending calories to create enough of a calorie deficit for weight loss, training the core muscles will help increase muscle tone, which equates to burning calories more efficiently. Another important guideline to remember when training the core muscles is that the abdominal area is included in the core anatomy. Many people overlook the other muscles involved in the core area like the lower back, glutes, hip flexors, and lower abdominals. Partaking in a balanced core workout that includes all of these muscle groups will largely benefit posture, muscle tone, muscle strength, and possibly alleviate lower back pain caused from muscle weakness in any of the core muscles.

In order to keep a balanced core workout, it’s important to vary exercises when focusing on the core. Try finding about three to four core routines that you can rotate throughout the month to challenge the core area and prevent any plateau at a certain training level. Always try to mix up your exercise routines once they begin to feel easy in order to keep improving muscular tone, strength, and endurance. Try out this sample routine, keeping in mind that you can turn it into a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout by reserving rest periods if needing to get anaerobic and muscular training done in a short amount of time. Attempt this core storm and challenge those muscles so they can help you improve that mid-section and blast the fat!

1. Abdominal Circles: Raising shoulder blades off the floor, taking crunch to the right side and rotatin gin a circular motion to the left and repeating for 3×15. Repeat opposite side.


2. Lower Ab Curl In: With feet on towel against sliding surface, tuck knees to chest while in plank position. Complete 3×15


3. Plank Walks: Begin in an elbow plank and walk up on palms one arm at a time then return to elbows one arm at a time. Up, up, down, down equals one rep. Complete 3×15


4. Oblique Heel Taps: Raise shoulder blades off the floor and reach for heels one side at a time to complete side oblique crunch. 3×15 each side.


5. 4 Count Supermans: Raise chest, raise legs by squeezing glutes, HOLD for 1 count, and release. Complete 3×15


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