How to Order Your Exercise Routine

By Ansley Childree BSEP, ACSM-HFS

A well-rounded exercise program involves both resistance and aerobic training to help decrease metabolic health risks and adequately perform daily living activities. In order to maintain a well balanced exercise program, a recent article from ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal focuses on “concurrent” aerobic and resistance training. This method focuses on strength and aerobic training simultaneously, but in an order and sequence that best fits the individual’s needs. When determining what order aerobic and resistance training should be placed in an exercise regimen, it’s important to distinguish specific goals to be reached with the exercise session or training regimen.

Those who want to concentrate more on aerobic power and endurance on a maximal level should try performing cardiovascular activity before resistance training if both are being performed in the same session. However, when focusing on muscular power, strength, and hypertrophy it’s wise to begin with a resistance training sequence before moving in to cardio. In summary, whatever the individual would like train and improve the most that day should be focused on first in order to exhaust most of their energy into that specific area. More information and research findings can be found in the ACSM article.

Ways to Practice a Concurrent Aerobic and Resistance Training Program

  1. Simultaneous execution of resistance exercises that increases the HR to an anaerobic level (Example HIIT training)
  2. Two a day approach performing aerobic in the morning and resistance training in the evening
  3. Alternating aerobic and resistance training each day (example: Cardiovascular training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Resistance Training: Tuesday, Thursday)
  4. Training cycles rotation sport specific (Example: Triathlons)

Works Cited

Kang, J., & Ratamess, N. (2014). Which comes first? Resistance before exercise or vice versa?. American College of Sports Medicine, 18(1), 9-12. Retrieved from

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