5 Tips to Keep Your “Eat Healthy” Resolution

By Lizzy Thompson

We’re over a month into the new year, which means that some of you might be struggling with those once-enthusiastic resolutions. More specifically, if you made a resolution to eat healthy in 2014, you might be craving your favorite junk food right about now. However, before you run to the grocery store and pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, read these tips to guarantee, not just a healthier year, but a healthier life!

1. Meal Prep

It may seem a little time-consuming in the moment, but I promise you won’t regret it. Pick a day that you have a lot of free time (Sundays are usually ideal), and just go to town in the kitchen. Pre-cook any healthy foods that you can take to work for lunch. Personally, I like to prepare chicken breasts and quinoa and use them throughout the week, whether by themselves or added to salads for protein.   Also, use this time to pre-cut any fruits or veggies. This way, you can pack them away in containers or baggies and grab them when you’re craving a quick, nutritious snack. You will learn to alter your meal-prepping to make it unique to your preferences. Regardless of what you choose to prepare, this tactic will help you to maintain healthy-eating habits at home, work, and on-the-go!

2. Spice Things Up

Mustard powder, mustard seeds, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are packed with flavor. Incorporate these, along with any other spices you prefer, into as many meals as possible. They’ll help to stimulate your taste buds and make food more satisfying, preventing you from eating as much.

3. Picture Yourself

Literally. Find a picture of yourself, whether it’s one you hate or love, and use it as motivation. You can even just keep it in your phone, and pull it out any time temptation rears its ugly head. Seeing yourself at your best or your worst might just be the step that solidifies your willpower when you drive past your favorite fast food joint or walk past the candy aisle at the supermarket.

4. Walk the Walk

Ever notice a correlation between boredom and an unconscious gravitational pull toward the refrigerator?  You are not alone. But, before you open that door, remind yourself that you aren’t actually hungry. Try going for a walk instead of munching. Not only will you avoid unnecessary calories, but you will also burn a few extra on top of that.  Too cold for a walk?  Distract yourself with a different activity you enjoy. Personally, I like to crack open a book. This way, my mind and my hands are too occupied to “boredom eat.”

5. Photograph Your Food

Research suggests that dieters who keep photographic evidence of everything they eat lose more weight and are more likely to adhere to their healthy diet than those who don’t. You can create your own online diary to hold yourself accountable. Having to look at every bite you eat discourages overeating and senseless snacking. You can use any social media site you like, but obviously anonymity may be preferred. Sites like Foodspotting, Chowhound, and FoodCandy are ideal for this, or you can keep a personal record in your phone’s photo gallery. Don’t be afraid to post your favorite meals on your Instagram or Facebook. You’ll be gaining “likes” instead of pounds, and possibly inspiring friends to eat healthy, too!

Remember, you have the power to make 2014 your healthiest year yet!  You’ve already made it a month. Use these tips to help fend off temptation on the days you feel disheartened or distracted from your goals. They’ll provide the extra boost you need and help lead you into a healthier year and life!

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