3 Popular Exercises to Expect More of in 2014

By Hope Kumor

So, it’s a new year and all we desire to get in the best shape of our lives, am I correct? We want that killer bod we’ve always dreamed of and we want it now, now, now. With that being said, you may be wondering what the hippest and hottest exercises are right now. There are always new and upcoming exercises every time we turn our heads. To get the dish on the three most popular exercises of 2014, we chatted with person trainer, Matthew “Big Q” Howard, who owns Flex N’ Fit Personal Fitness and Training Gear, to gather further information.

  • HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training, which involves a multitude of strategically calculated intense movements typically done by using only body movement and momentum. HIIT training is usually a combination of exercises done back to back in a specific amount of time with a short rest period before repeating the set or cycle again.  The benefit of HIIT is elevated metabolic rate, fat burning, overall total body development, fun, exciting, yet challenging both mentally and physically, plus a great way to fit in a solid workout when on a tight schedule.
  • CrossFit, which involves more dynamic, power movements like jumping, plyometrics, squats, pull ups, push-ups and are done both with and without weights depending on certain exercises and intensity requirements. This has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years moving forward into 2014 as well.  It requires maximum effort, focus, and concentration to even get through a quarter of the routine, but many who I’ve talked to who engage in CrossFit swear by it, both men and women alike, and they have all increased their overall body development whether trying to lose and tone or gain and build.
  • Zumba. It’s taking cardio, aerobics, low impact kick boxing, and latin dancing and rolling them all into an exciting 45 minutes of movement.  You don’t even realize it, but you are exercising and may not even seem that way until a few weeks later when you hop on the scale, try on that dress or pair of pants and you have dropped pounds and inches. It’s an invigorating exercise that keeps you moving at whatever pace the instructor sets. I’ve never seen anyone not smiling as they exit a Zumba class!

Any one of these exercises could help you lose weight, gain muscle or strengthen and tone your body.

“I think all three of these training and exercise routines are totally beneficial to all who participate,” said Howard. “Each has its own level of intensity and is very adaptable to everyone regardless of their athletic levels or abilities. The end result is body enhancement and overall elevated levels of exercise.”

You should challenge yourself to try something new and that’s what Howard encourages his clients to do.

“I personally would get everyone involved in any one of these activities based on their individual athletic and fitness needs and requirements,” said Howard. “I often challenge my clients to take their fitness to the next level by attempting something that they never would’ve tried or maybe even thought of doing with their exercise programs.”

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