Valentine’s Day Edition: Perfect Fit Workout

By Ansley Childree BSEP, ACSM-HFS

Spending a day with a loved one doesn’t have to be sedentary or uneventful. Make the day count by staying active with someone you love while burning a ton of calories at the same time. Below is a sample partner exercise routine to bond with your loved one on Valentine’s Day while burning off your box of chocolates.

Partnering up with someone to complete a workout on Valentine’s Day will allow you to bond and focus on each other in an unconventional way. Making up an intense, high repetition workout and dividing the reps between the two of you or adding a extra challenge of having some kind of contact the whole workout to complete the routine will require you to work together and accomplish a goal as one unit. There’s no better way to motivate each other and bask in the victory of finishing an intense workout as a couple. Try having a fit fest with your loved one this Valentine’s day by staying fit and active, because the couple that works out together, stays together!

Partnering up with my co-worker, Kaleb Heninger who has a BSEP and is a fellow personal trainer, we came up with this partner routine for you all to try this February to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Try to complete this routine in the fastest time possible. Kaleb and I finished in 9:45! Give it a go and see how well you and your partner work together to beat our time. Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Working out!

A)   Patty Cake Planks: Low Five each side 20x


B)   Valentine’s Two Step: Facing your Partner each person will complete 20 step ups.


C)   Playing Footsies: Pushing against your partners adjoining foot while sitting in an inclined position. Complete 20 reps each side doing a bicycling, push motion.


D)   Box of Chocolate Jumps: Squat jumps in a box formation jumping right, back, left, and front. Each box equals 1 rep. Each partner completes 20 reps.


E)   “I Got Your Back” Med Ball Passes: Standing back to back with your partner, complete 20 passes on each side.


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