A Frugal Fashionista’s Guide to Activewear

By Austin McEvoy

There are two things that a woman should be when she walks into the gym; comfortable and confident. It all starts with what you wear.  Activewear should comfortably flatter your figure because how you feel both inside and outside can make or break a workout.

You don’t need to waste your money on expensive brands like Lululemon and Calvin Klein to be fashionable at the gym.  Besides, who wants to spend $50 dollars on a tank top that is only going to end up drenched in sweat?

For women who like to work out in style, here is a list of summer activewear essentials.  Each item is under $20.

1. Sports Bra

Medium Impact Sports Bra by Forever 21, Price $9.80

This bra comes in traditional black as well as bright colors like jade green and hot pink. If you are a little bit bustier, there is also a high impact version. Price $12.80

2. Graphic Tank

Graphic Racerback Tank Tops by WorkOutClothing, available on Etsy.com, Price $16.90

Who says only guys can wear bro tanks? If you are feeling extra sassy, these tanks are a great way to show off your spark.  With quotes like, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle,” and “Suns out, guns out,” you are bound to get a little extra attention at your next gym session.

3. Shorts

C9 Champion Women’s Athletic Shorts, available at Target, Price $16.99

These shorts are just right length for comfortable coverage while your are working hard at the gym. You can show off your toned legs without worrying about your shorts riding up.  No wedgie worries here.

4. Leggings

Danskin Now Women’s Leggings, available at Walmart, Price $11.00

These leggings are all black, which makes them particularly slimming. Pair it with an oversized top for a retro 80s look.

5. Capris

Everlast Women’s Yoga Capris, available at Sears, Price $19.99

If you like to exercise outdoors during the summer, it may be a little too hot for leggings.  Not all women feel comfortable wearing shorts, however.  Capris are the middle ground.  They give your legs room to breathe while still providing sufficient coverage for your lower half.

6. Headband

Women’s Athletic Sport Sweat Girls Headband, available on Bonanza.com, Price $5.99

A fashionable woman knows that the perfect outfit isn’t complete without the right accessory.  A fit woman knows the annoyance of having to brush sweaty hair out of her eyes during an intense workout.  Headbands appease the fit and fashionable. They keep sweaty strands out of your eyes and add a splash of style to your gym outfit.

Adidas Women’s Ladies Core Performance Hat Cap, available on Amazon.com, Price $9.99

If you are running outdoors, a visor or hat might be better than a headband. It will hold your hair back while also providing sun protection. This one comes in pink, blue, and white.

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