Sports Bra Breakdown

By Anna Phillips

I broke down five different brands of sports bras, and in order to give you the best take on all of them, I asked my friend Mattie to weigh in. So now you have the opinion of one smaller-chested girl and one girl who is more well-endowed. Mattie’s often had the problem of having to wear multiple bras while working out so below she weighed in on her two favorite brands that work the best for her.


I stumbled upon this brand one day when I needed a good sports bra and quickly replaced ones that were worn out. The particular bra I found is called the Core Essential Runner’s High-Impact Performance Sports Bra. The best esthetic of this bra is the wide color palette. You can find bras from green to orange, from purple to grey, and every color in between. But color is just the surface. The cut is great with its racer back style which allows for cleaner and effortless movement. It has a snug fit that keeps things in place, but does not flatten and smash your chest down. This bra also has great fabric with moisture-wicking technology, which keeps sweat from building up. It comes in sizes from extra-small to extra-large.


Adidas is one of those great go-to sports brands. It always has something for everyone and seems to reach a wide market. Adidas’ bras work great for me, but from my experience they do give less support than some of the other brands out there on the market. From my perspective, the bras perform their jobs beautifully, but for someone with a bigger chest, they might not get as good of a performance. Once again these bras come in many colors, styles, and sizes. They do fine, but they seem to have less support and control than some others.

Victoria’s Secret

I will be honest here, I did not know what to expect when I found out that Victoria’s Secret was launching a sports bra line. It was not their forte. Their job has been to make our chests more prominent, and that’s not exactly strapping them down for a run. But they did an excellent job. Their sizes are way more specific than most brands. They have done away with the small through large and made things more personal going from 32A through 38DD, and they have plenty of styles to match the intensity of your workout. Their bras look pretty with lots of color and can perform. My only warning is that they are more expensive than most.


This one of my two favorite sports bra brands; it is also one of Mattie’s favorites. Mattie likes it because it secures everything so she does not have to worry about soreness later, and it doesn’t flatten her chest. I like it because it is reasonably priced and still has some of the best support I can find. When I wear it, I just feel like everything stays in place and I get an awesome workout while still being able to breathe. It comes in a variety of styles and support so you can adjust your bra to your workout. It also has some awesome color and pattern choices. With a variety of sizes and support levels it offers the perfect fit depending on you, your body, and your workout.


My other favorite brand, Underarmour, provides exceptional support. While all my bras from this brand are basic colors, when I work out my looks rarely matter, and it is possible to track down more creative looks from this brand. The only problem I have had with one of these bras is that sometimes the elastic band on the bottom feels tight. However, the rest of the support is excellent and the band eventually moves to fit you snuggly, and while it can feel tight at first, you do not feel it while exercising. This bra also comes in a variety of styles and sizes to make sure you get your fit right. Why does Mattie love this bra? Because of the built in cups. They provide her with extra comfort on days when her chest is sore and sensitive.

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