Active Social Outings

By Abigail Campbell

Summertime means catching up with old friends and enjoying some time off. Instead of calling up your best friend to grab dinner, why not do something active? It is way too easy to go pig out as an excuse for a social life. Get outside and bond with your friends in a way that keeps you all active and outdoors in the beautiful weather!

The American Council on Exercise offers a great tool to find group activities and events near you to take part in. The Event Finder allows you to find local events by entering your zip code, how far away you are willing to travel, and what dates you are interested in. Whether it’s a 5K or a kayaking event, there really is something for everyone, everywhere.

Depending on how far you are willing to travel, there are infinite possibilities for weekend mini-vacations or even just a Saturday outing. Below are just a few suggestions to get some exercise while having fun this summer.

  • Hike at a regional or national park. Parks often have great views, gorgeous trees, and flowing waterfalls to take in as you get in some cardio with a vigorous hike. Bring a camera and pack a picnic to really make a day of it.
  • Sign up for a triathlon. Participating in a triathlon can really allow you to test your fitness and get a little competitive with your friends. If a triathlon seems a little too intimidating for you, look for a relay triathlon in your area and create a team with two other friends so each of you can participate in just one event.
  • Join a summer softball league. This can be a great after work activity and can be even better when you can compete against friends on other teams.
  • Hit up the pool or beach. Pack a cooler and a few friends in the car and head to the water! Swimming and other water sports are great exercise and a great way to keep cool on those hot summer days. Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen!

Enjoy the great outdoors this summer while working up a sweat and spending time with friends and family. Too often we resort to large dinners and movie theaters with large sodas and popcorn. New and exciting activities will only make for a more memorable summer and you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re still bikini ready even in the fall.

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