The Truth About Tanning

By Abigail Campbell

Summer is officially in full swing and with that comes endless activities under the sun. It’s that time of the year when people want to work on a golden tan that has become so important to the ideal image. But, how important is getting a good tan when so much more may be at risk?

According to the Advanced Dermatology & Dermaesthetics of Louisville, exposure to ultraviolet light can cause severe damage to your skin. This damage can lead to anything from wrinkles to pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions. To protect yourself, it’s important to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen and sunglasses and of course, avoid direct sun exposure when possible.

Even more shocking is the toll that indoor tanning can have on your skin’s health. While it may seem like a “healthy” way to avoid sunburn or create a base tan before hitting the beach, it can cause serious and irreversible damage. According to the Academy of Dermatology, more than one million people tan in tanning beds in the United States and studies have shown that exposure to UV light in tanning beds increases your risk of developing melanoma by 75 percent.

It is crucial to take serious measures to avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds in order to maintain skin health. Avoiding these dangerous methods doesn’t mean you have to live a snowy white existence. In fact, there are endless alternatives for achieving a summer tan without the wrinkles and damage. has listed the 10 Best Self Tanners for 2013. Check out the fake tanner options to find an alternate option for a bronzed look.

It is simply not necessary to kill yourself over a nice tan. Instead, take responsibility and look beach-ready in the healthiest way possible.


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