Natural Headache Relief



No-one likes being sick, and having a headache is one of the worst ailments of all. They can be draining, and sometimes even prescription drugs and treatments don’t do the trick. If you’re tired of taking drugs you can’t pronounce or are just looking for a more natural way to cure your headaches, you’ve come to the right place!

Acupressure is a popular alternative to acupuncture for people who don´t like the idea of using needles. It´s also more practical when trying to treat a headache! One acupressure point is on either side of the knuckle of your index finger. So, by using the thumb and index finger of the other hand, maintain pressure on the knuckle. Another effective natural headache remedy is putting your middle fingers at the end of each eyebrow and moving them round slightly to the side of your head where you will find a slight hollow. Gently move your fingertips in circles while maintaining contact. Make several circles in one direction and then in the other to help alleviate pain.

Everyone knows aromatherapy can be incredibly relaxing, so if you suffer from stress headaches it´s definitely worth a try. Lavender is a favorite aroma for many people looking to relax. Try putting lavender on your pillow or inhaling lavender oil to soothe stress and tension.

Homeopathic remedies, or alternative medicines, are another option. Try to identify the cause of your headaches to select the most appropriate remedy. Even better, consult a homeopath, as they can look at your whole lifestyle and personality to help determine a remedy to try. Two people with the same symptoms may be helped by different remedies.

Many times headaches are caused by simple dehydration. So the easiest of all the natural headache remedies is to ensure that you drink enough water! Don´t wait until you are thirsty; it´s better to consume water and other liquids regularly to maintain hydration. Caffeine should be avoided as much as possible, as it can actually bring on a headache. Headaches are also often caused by poor posture or tension in the neck or shoulders. Simple exercises can help a great deal – try neck rolls and shoulder exercises. It may also be beneficial to look at your office chair and desk; if they are unsuitable, they may be causing tension and therefore headaches.

These natural remedies are generally best for the occasional headache. If you´re suffering them more frequently, have a check-up with your doctor to make sure that there is not a medical reason for your headaches. You may also benefit from an eye test. But if it´s just the odd headache, then skip the drug store and try these natural options!


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