Using Supplements – The Right Way


Any girl with a group of active male friends, boyfriends or brothers may notice the ubiquity of fitness and dietary supplements crowding their kitchens. With visions of powerful muscles crowding their minds, these men devour supplements, confident in the idea that they are improving not only their fitness, but their overall health. Watching this, some may wonder how beneficial these supplements really are. Sure they may be a genuine help in building and maintaining muscle, but they could also just be a passing fitness fad.

Also noticeable is the lack of women participating in this fitness trend. This is not to say that women are not interested in being physically healthy. On the contrary, it’s common to see girls in hoards at the gym, using up all the treadmills, or biking down the street. However, it is far rarer to see a girl walking out of her local GNC with a bag full of fitness supplements. It is likely that women are unsure how to approach this fitness trend, given that so many of its users are male. However, what many may not know is that there are certain dietary supplements that fit perfectly with any girl’s lifestyle, and can definitely improve female health and fitness.

Take a look at this list of dietary supplements that will undoubtedly improve everyday healthy living:
Omega 3 – Though it is an essential fatty acid the human body does not produce Omega 3 on its own. Because of this it is crucial that people purposefully include them in their diets. It has recently been shown that Omega 3s are great for cardiovascular health, cognitive function, rebuilding cells and joint flexibility. Health-conscious women would benefit best from a product designed with women in mind, such as Garden of Life Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones, which helps to maintain healthy skin and hormone production.

BCAA – These branch-chained amino acids include amino acids that the body needs to produce muscle. Taking a supplement which focuses on BCAAs will help to prevent muscles from being broken down during a workout, which makes it a popular choice among those who enjoy strength training. Remember, more muscle means a greater caloric burn!

Energy Drink – Many women may shy away from these, given that the majority of energy boosters are designed for men who are trying to develop a great deal of muscle. However, there are energy drinks that are perfectly suited for women, and are fantastic for giving less-than-motivated individuals the boost they need to get going! Try Essential Amino Energy to get rid of that annoying sluggish feeling.

Multivitamin – Chances are that most healthy women receive their required amount of vitamins and minerals through healthy, balanced diets with a great deal of fruits and vegetables . However, active women need to keep in mind that they have an even greater need for these nutrients in order to recover after a strenuous workout. Any pharmacy or supermarket is likely to have a multivitamin specifically designed for women, and they really can make a difference!

Creatine – This supplement is one of the most effective in building strong muscles. Creatine provides the muscles with additional fuel for energy during workouts. It is found naturally in meats, but unless a great deal of it is consumed then it will not make much of a difference. If taking creatine, it is important to keep in mind that it does cause mild water retention; however, the retained water facilitates the transportation of nutrients to different muscles. Because of this, though, it is important to stay hydrated by drinking at least eight 16-oz glasses of water a day while taking creatine. 3-5 grams of creatine is an appropriate amount for active women to consume daily.

With this helpful list of nutrition supplements, there is no longer any reason to think that they were only meant for men. Supplements such as these will not only improve workouts and muscle strength, but will also be beneficial to overall health. While each of these products is beneficial in its own way, it also holds true that each can have mildly different effects on individual people. So instead of trying them all at once, it may be a good idea to try each individually, so as to determine which is best.

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