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Danny Johnson is the owner, motivator and fitness expert behind The Sweaty Betties– a cheeky fitness company with the slogan of “inspire, motivate, educate and have fun! Don’t be a bitch!” With a catchphrase like that, it’s hard not to become a Sweaty Betty.

A lot of difficult things brought Danny to where she is today. Early in her life she didn’t think she would make it past the age of 21. After a having a baby, whom she put up for adoption, Johnson worked hard to break away from the negativity. “I didn’t want to think that her birth mom killed herself because she was born. I also didn’t want her to blame herself if I ended up a pathetic loser, so I guess I just decided to stop letting my circumstances define me as a victim and try to become a person that she could be proud of,” said Johnson. Danny went on to get her Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science. In addition to her degree, she is a certified personal trainer and a national fitness competitor.

Sticking with her fitness goals hasn’t always been easy for Danny. In 2003, she was paralyzed and couldn’t workout. “All I could think about was wanting to walk again, wanting to run again. I bargained with god, with the devil, with anyone! If I could just walk again, I’d never take that for granted again and I haven’t,” said Danny. She also has faced a metabolism issue that has been an uphill battle for about 2 years. Danny described her feelings on the problem, “I usually get angry and bitter for a minute and then I use the line “Don’t Be a Bitch” on myself and that turns me around real quick!” It is her competitive, self-described Type A personality yet positive attitude that keeps her going.

GFGL: What is your ultimate goal with The Sweaty Betties?
My ultimate goal is to reach as many women as possible and give them hope. Give them a reason to love their bodies, to spend more time living and less time obsessing, to have fun and to be able to decipher truth from all the garbage that is marketed to us out there. I fell for it all! I spent so much money on the latest weight-loss pills. I’ve seen my mom and my grandmother on every diet that existed. I spent years hating myself, hating my body, avoiding social events because of how I looked, when I looked fine! I was normal, healthy and beautiful!! I was eating the BULL SH– that the media was selling and I want to expose that so more women can have lives of freedom and laughter.

GFGL: What is your current favorite work out?
I love Crossfit workouts. I haven’t been to an actual Crossfit Gym in over a year but I try to incorporate that style into my Sweaty Betties Workouts. They are short, intense, don’t require a lot of equipment and leave you in a sweaty heap on the ground in less than 20 minutes!

GFGL: Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?
“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right” One of my favorites, I believe that’s Henry Ford. I strongly believe in the power of thought. Check out Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone– your life will change!

GFGL: Are there any fitness trends that you currently dislike or are against?
I get a little annoyed with some of the Multi-Level Marketing Promoters, I mean, we’re all trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, which I agree with, but I’ve been turned off by some pushier ones who want me to make money off my fans. I don’t believe in soy-based shakes, so I don’t promote it, but just be cool!  I’m also a big anti-Vibram shoe fan. They may be great, but they are so hideous, I will never understand that one!

GFGL: What food would you say are your indulgence foods?
Skittles…is that a food? Thai food is my absolute favorite, I even went to Thailand this past year and it was amazing!  I also love chips and salsa with margaritas.

With such lofty goals, you can bet that Danny has a solid plan for the future of Sweaty Betties. In less than a month, Danny will be hosting the Inspiration and Perspiration Workshop. The workshop will be a combination of motivational, therapeutic, fitness and wellness events. Angie Gooding, a body image specialist and Rebeckah Borucki, a Youtube fitness Guru and owner of Bexlife will be guest speakers at the workshop. On a grander scale, Danny hopes to bring The Sweaty Betties on a larger community platform where members can share workouts and recipes. Danny’s relatable yet knowledgeable personality matched with the almost cult-like following of Sweaty Betties will bring her closer to her ultimate goal of a fitness empire .

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