GFGL FIT BLOG: Olympic Sports

“The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” -William Blake

This quote always makes me think about sports and, since the Olympics are ending soon, I thought it might be poignant. I’ve been really into watching the London Olympics because I like sooo many things about sports and why people do them. I love talking about sportsmanship and why it matters so much, a personal habit many of my friends and family will be happy ends with the games (but it’s almost football season!) Witnessing people who have devoted their entire lives and bodies to something is, in my opinion, the best human drama anyone could hope for. What a thing to dream of? You can see it most of the Olympians faces–that look that breaks your heart and gives you so much faith in people and good, honest competition.

I know many folks take issue with people getting into sports they only pay attention to every four years. No, I probably wouldn’t watch men’s beach volleyball if I stumbled upon it on ESPN in November (when do they do volleyball? Summer?) But I still get all into it. I love how it gets everyone talking about sports and athletics and sportsmanship. Every four years (or two years- snow!) everyone and anyone can get pumped up like a high school pep rally.

I have to admit, watching swimming will still makes me kind of queasy. This probably stems from being on my high school swim team for four years and having to swim the 50 meter butterfly ONCE in competition that entire time. It was awful (yet character building?) I guess I was more into the distance races.

Nike has also been running these REALLY great ads on commercial breaks for the games. If you have yet to see one go check it online. I cried a little when I first saw the running one I was so happy.

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I know I was adamant about signing up for another marathon, but between starting a new job, hanging out at a cabin all weekend and eating brats (not vegan, I’m weak), and being kind of broke I never got to it. I can only promise myself but it will happen soon.

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