GFGL FIT BLOG: Marathon Round Two

Round two…

This was third hottest July on record in the great state of Wisconsin. In an effort to avoid getting heat stroke or a REALLY bad tan line (I already have a bad sports bra tan line to offend everyone I know at the beach). I’ve taken it pretty easy on running the past few days, but the weather has finally started to break a bit and I have a brand-y new, reconstituted railway to go running on that actually offers some shade. I very much want to run another marathon before the end of the year but I have a difficult time sticking to a training plan without an end date. With that in mind, I’ve finally set my sights on my next big race! And the winner is….

The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon -The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America®! I’m sure it’s still the most beautiful if you can really measure those things. But I will never know, at least not this year. The cap was reached on this race on June 18. My silly, procrastinating ways… but there is still the possibility to run with a charity program or training team. What to do? There are other races in early fall around my area- smaller ones who, hopefully, have yet to reach critical mass. My tendency to not plan things out or make decisions tells me to just wait and see which looks like the best option in a few weeks. My newfound sense of being a proactive adult says “Hey, maybe not the smartest move for something you’re going to spend a lot of time prepping for.”

I’ve made my deadline the end of the week. I will find and sign up for a marathon by that time. It’s on the internet now so it has to happen.

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