The Color Run Race Review



This past July I had the opportunity to run a 5k like no other. Never before had I finished a race looking so drastically different then I had when I first started. The culprit of this unrecognizable change in appearance was none other than The Color Run.

On July 8th, 2012 I woke up well before the sunrise in order to embark on The Color Run journey. Before setting off on my adventure, I munched peanut butter spread on whole grain toast and Greek yogurt in order to provide me with the fuel I would need to run the race. After properly hydrating, I began my trek to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where the race was to start at 7 AM.

I was welcomed into the city of Philadelphia by a sea of white everywhere I looked. The creators of The Color Run encourage everyone to wear as much white as possible so they can absorb the most “color,” a powdery die substance that is thrown at racers throughout the course to provide an awesome post-race tie-dye affect. Let it be noted that this race was not meant for those who were afraid of getting down and dirty.

Right at the crack of 7 AM race coordinators began sending runners out in 10-minute waves across the beautiful Fairmount Park area of Philadelphia. For each kilometer, runners were sprayed with a different color powder by volunteers who were not shy about engulfing you in a cloud of powder that would leave you temporarily tinted. Those looking to be covered in the most color where encouraged to run in the outer most lanes while those who wanted to stray away could stay near the center.

The Color Run organizers even had a solution for those who didn’t quite get their color fix throughout the course. Each runner was given a packet of color in their race pack that they were told to save until the end of the race. Once they reached the finish line, participants flocked to the post-race color throwing that was happening smack dab in the center of Fairmount Park. Those watching from above caught the breath taking view of a rainbow of color being spread throughout the crowd.

One of the greatest things about The Color Run is that anyone could participate. I had never seen a more diverse crowd of young, old, marathon runners, and 5k beginners then I did that day. It was an incredible experience for people of all different backgrounds to be able to come together over such a simple joy in life. After the race it was an amazing feeling to walk through the streets fully colored from head to toe. Sure, we got a couple weird looks from people just going about their day to day routine, but the knowing smiles from strangers who also happened to be speckled in many different hues made it all worth it.


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