GFGL FIT BLOG: Take-It-Easy Summertime

It’s still hot (running-wise). I’m still getting in about 35+ miles a week and I think my “new” shoes from the spring are getting kind of worn out, but running and sunshine were only part of the July schedule…

You know those really hot summer times when you can’t think of anything important to do, but you know you should be taking full advantage of the time and place and awesomeness of it all? And then it all feels like too much pressure and you just end up wanting to stay inside and watch other people do stuff really, really well at the Olympics? I feel like this throughout most of the summer because I’m from the North Country and we usually have 8 or more months a year of white-out freezing times. We panic about warm weather. We cram our summer months and vacation times with being outside as much as possible. You will never see people more excited to bust out a charcoal grill and bocce ball set.  This may also be a family trait because my mom gets this way too, though she usually combats it by gardening like a maniac (also a great workout! Try pulling weeds for a few hours with earbuds in. Amazing.)

What to do? The answer this past weekend was a “wild” kayak trip down the beautiful Wolf River. So much fun. These river trips are usually available anywhere there is a scenic-ish river and some nature-ish minded people. This particular one offered kayaks, canoes or those big tractor tires for lazy river floats. Everyone jams into a big rickety van and it’s on! This is a really chill way to spend a Sunday- we only did a 5-mile trip, which took about three hours because the water level was a bit low and didn’t have to deal with any white water or any of that business. I totally had sore arms and some strange belly tan lines the next day, but it was very worth it. I love the impromptu summer exercise options that you never think of beforehand, but after your like “yeah, that was a pretty good workout.”

I get all antsy when I see back to school ads in the paper because that means it’s all almost over.  I always have to do the end-of-August  inventory of things I have to save for next year…trips to take, friends to be seen, flowers to be planted, tan lines to get. But the little relaxing day trips help to remember why take-it-easy summertime is so much fun.

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