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We all experience some type of food craving that takes over. Whether it is something salty, sweet, or spicy, you just gotta have it. Diets aren’t any easier when you crave those foods you can’t have. Kait Fortunato, a registered dietician, explains, “If you skip any meals, your blood sugar drops low and then can spike high at your next meal, followed by another crash. When your blood sugars are very low you “crave” energy and usually sweets/refined carbohydrates for [that] quick energy.”’s “Craving Decoder” gives an explanation of what your cravings mean and some healthy foods that have the required nutrients.

If you are craving chocolate, for example, it means you are lacking magnesium. Healthy foods like raw nuts and seeds have magnesium to curb your cravings.

Cravings for something sweet could mean a number of different things. You could be lacking chromium, which is found in broccoli, grapes, and cheese. What you may also need is phosphorus that is found in poultry, beef, and eggs. Cravings for sweets could mean that you may also be lacking carbon, sulfur, and typtophan.

Food cravings for oily and fatty snacks means you need calcium. Healthy foods that have calcium include turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, and cheese. Cravings for soda and other carbonated drinks could mean you need calcium as well.

If you are craving bread that means you need more nitrogen. Nitrogen is found in high protein foods like fish, meat, nuts, and beans.

Food cravings can also mean that you are dehydrated or have not eaten enough throughout the day. To decrease your cravings eat three meals a day and a healthy snack in between. Kathy Glazer, a nutritionist, says, “People associate food with comfort. For example, as a child, when you were sick, your mother would give you soup. Then you associate soup with comfort.” Being on a diet means you can’t have those sweets you used to love or those chips you would snack on. Try having a couple of pieces of dark chocolate to ease those sweet cravings and healthier multigrain chips to curb a hankering for something salty. Glazer also explains that after sometime the urge passes. She suggests putting a 20-minute timer on and seeing if the craving goes away. Find some recipes that have lower calories to help curb those cravings.

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