Summer Treats That Keep You Cool


Edited by: ERINN BOON

There are a lot of ways to cool off in the summer heat but it can be hard to stay healthy with so many unhealthy cool treat options. Nothing is more tempting than a nice cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day but there are many delicious treats that don’t come with a side of guilt and will keep you just as cool.

A perfect substitute for the processed store-bought ice cream is homemade fruit ice pops. According to, fruit ice pops take about 5 hours to make and all you need is fruit, yogurt and sugar. These delicious pops are about 83 calories per serving with only 1.1 grams of fat each. The full recipe can be found online at and it’s a great way to beat the heat this summer without worrying about your weight.

Another delicious treat to try when the temperature rises is a Starbuck’s Refresher. According to barista Sara Helfrich, “the new Refreshers are made with green coffee extract and are a cool and natural way to stay energized during the long summer days”. These natural boosts of energy come in flavors such as “Cool Lime” and “Very Berry Hibiscus”. These drinks are now available at Starbucks and are a low calorie way to stay cool during the hotter months.

Although it may not seem like it right off the bat, there are many healthy ways to cool down this summer if you’re willing to make the swap. Ice cream and sugary drinks may seem tempting but instead of indulging, try these easy low cal treats to refresh and keep cool.

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