This week’s food recipe is dedicated to my auntie Chele. She is by far one of the funniest, strongest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is always there to give me level headed advice, be my cheerleader, and be someone who I can count on to just listen. My auntie Chele was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years ago, and as far as I’m concerned has been the fiercest fighter in history; she would knock Ali out of the ring in the first round.

Being that she goes through treatment, she was looking for a shake that was low fiber, and fat that she could have (and keep down), which kicked my desire to help her, and my love of nutrition into gear. Next thing I knew I was pulling frozen strawberries out of the freezer to make her something that she could eat that didn’t taste like sidewalk chalk. These shakes are a simple way to get in a serving of fruit, for people who are on the run and don’t want to pull into the golden arches drive thru for sustenance, or aren’t enticed by the idea of eggs and pancakes in the morning.(I actually froze my soymilk into ice cube trays, because it has a very short shelf life once opened, but if you don’t freeze it, you can just add a few ice cubes to the mix.)

Auntie Cheles Smoooothie (1 Smoothie)

  • 1 C Vanilla Soymilk
  • 7 Large frozen strawberries
  • 3 T Greek yogurt (unflavored)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 T truvia (or similar sweetener)
  • ½ Large banana (~4 oz)

Blend soymilk, and strawberries until a “smoothie” consistency is obtained, then add remaining ingredients and pulse until combined.

Some other ideas:

  • Coffee
  • Chocolate, peanut butter, banana
  • Mango, peach
  • Peach, honey
  • pineapple, banana, coconut milk
  • blueberry, strawberry, banana, vanilla extract

These smoothies can be variated with almost any frozen fruit. A good tip is to buy the fruit in bulk while it’s cheaper and at the peak of ripeness, and freeze in Ziploc bags for seasons of fruity smoothie madness. Fat free milk or almond milk can also be substituted, but it may make it a bit more watery. However, I made this one tailored to her specific dietary needs because she’s such a rock star she warrants a smoothie named in her honor and it was absolutely no problem to throw these ingredients together. Think about that before you go running out of your house without one of these bad boys in hand tomorrow morning!

Comment your favorite combo so the blender will know no bounds!

Sealed with a kiss of Nutella,


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One Comment on “GFGL RECIPE BLOG: Shake It Up”

  1. Auntie Chele
    July 17, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    My dear Alexis,
    You have saved my life on more than one occasion by feeding me something scrumptious that I could tolerate and this smoothie by far was the winner! I know that I fought you all the way, insisting that I wouldn’t be able to keep it down, but it stayed with me all day and gave me the protein and fruity sweetness that I needed ! Now if only I can work something out for you to nourish me on a daily basis ! Your college buddies just don’t know how lucky they are with the diva of delectables living in their house!
    I love you sweetie. Now get back to work on my next treat! – Auntie Chele

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