GFGL FIT BLOG: The Towering Inferno

I’ve spent the last few days hanging out in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area interviewing for jobs, going thrift shopping, watching Criminal Minds and avoiding most kinds of physical activity. Contemplating moving to a bigger city is nerve-racking and not just for the financial and social changes. Where would I go running?! There are trails everywhere, but they are not quite as accessible as I’ve become accustomed to. I’m used to falling out my door and having nature right at my toes and not having that adds just one more layer to cake that is my job/living/life situation, but today is different. Today I learned about tower running. What is tower running, you ask? Well, tower running involves running up tall, man-made structures. Ever race your friends up you apartment stairs to be the first to the bathroom? Then you’ve done it! It’s not that simple, but you get the idea.  Usually the races take place on the internal staircases of skyscrapers, but the term can cover any foot race which involves a course that covers a man-made structure. The races are held in heats starting with the faster seeded runners and continuing at timed intervals. There are about 200 official races worldwide each year. Allegedly, the first stair race took place at the Eiffel Tower in 1905, but I’m sure people have been chasing each other up and down stairs since stairs became a thing. This is like the super technical version of parquor- less glamour, more straight up burn. For as often as I trip just walking up stairs I think I’ll personally stick to flat terrain, but check out this very well done documentary from Vice on the budding phenomenon and tell me you don’t want to skip the elevator….

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