Dizzy Spells Be Gone!



Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean stress has taken its vacation. With summer jobs, internships, family events, and maybe even some online classes, our lives are just as busy – if not busier – than during the regular school year. Here are some tips to help relieve your body from the heavy burdens of stress, anxiety, and intense exercise.


You feel weak, shaky, or lightheaded a couple of hours after a morning workout.


You may not be refueling properly after exercising. According to mamashealth.com, when you exercise, your body uses glycogen, a carbohydrate found within our muscles and liver, as its primary source of fuel. It’s crucial that you replenish this source in order to rebuild and repair your muscles.


Keep a snack and water bottle at your desk/locker at all times as a reminder to eat something when you get to school or work. I know it’s hard in our day-and-age, but DO NOT skip breakfast. You need to get an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein after a morning workout to get you through the day. Try ½ bagel with peanut butter and a bottle of orange juice.


You feel nauseous and dizzy during the first couple of minutes into your afternoon workout.


You are most likely dehydrated.


For an athlete to stay hydrated, it is important to know how much water you are losing during your workout. To find out, weigh yourself before you workout and then right after (without drinking anything). According to the Running Times Magazine, you need 16 oz (two cups) of water for every pound lost. On top of that, you need to drink at least 8 cups of water a day to maintain a healthy body. Slowly hydrating throughout the day allows your body to retain more water. Try drinking a sports drink during and after very intense workouts in order to replenish your body with the electrolytes you lose by sweating.


You experience mid-afternoon tiredness and headaches.


You may be experiencing a drop in your blood sugar levels. The University of California San Francisco Medical Center says low blood sugar occurs when the amount of glucose in your blood drops below its normal level (70-100 milliliters per deciliter). Exercise is one cause of low blood sugar, along with skipping meals, not eating enough carbohydrates, and drinking too much alcohol.


If you work out in the morning, you may need an afternoon sugar pick-me-up to avoid headaches, dizziness, and that vertigo (room-spinning) feeling. Try making a smoothie with berries, yogurt, milk and honey. Nicole Esplin, a junior at Elon University who has a full time summer internship, brings a small blender to work every day to make afternoon smoothies. “I bring a Magic Bullet blender to work because it’s small and compact,” Esplin says. “For me, a smoothie is a better pick-me-up than a cup of coffee because it’s more like a small meal that you can sip while working.” You can also try ½ cup of Turkey Hill vanilla bean frozen yogurt. This flavor only has 90 calories per serving and is also an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium. An apple or an orange are other examples of healthy snacks that will give you a sugar kick. Try pairing it with a handful of almonds to get in a serving of protein as well. Avoid processed sugar such as in sodas and candy, which are empty calories with no nutritional value.


You undergo dizziness and have headaches when waking up in the morning or after naps.


Although it is usually only prominent in the elderly, dizziness can occur when you sit or stand up too fast (especially after lying down). A CBS News health article says this is due to a rapid drop in blood pressure.


Try setting your alarm five minutes earlier so you don’t feel like you have to hop right out of bed. Take five or ten minutes to lie and stretch before you get going. This has also been shown to help fatigued muscles. Keep a bottle of water by your bed and try drinking some before getting up. Just try to focus on taking things slower. Save the speed for that upcoming road race.

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