GFGL FOOD BLOG: Holiday Damage Control

I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July. Happy birthday America (and a special thanks to all the men and women who serve our country).

As I’m sure everyone knows, the holidays tend to be tough on the waistline, but it is possible to indulge without struggling to button your pants the next week. I know that I personally follow a pretty healthy diet, but definitely had a hard time saying no to the frequent ice cream runs and my family’s peanut butter-drenched Oreo balls over the course of this week. Leaving Boston and my apartment, where I tend to cook for myself, is never an easy transition to make nutritionally, but it’s so important that you don’t let your Independence Day splurges thrust you into a week of binging.

My advice to get back on track after a holiday is not extreme. Extreme diets don’t work. You may last a day of fasting, or two days on cayenne pepper and lemon-infused water, but that’s not going to help your body reach a sense of normalcy. That just brings your diet from one extreme to the other. What I tend to do is a little thing I like to call damage control.

Think about the things you have eaten so far this week that you normally wouldn’t touch or even come across. Think about all of the alcohol you consumed or sugary drinks you downed while lying in the sun. Now ask yourself, what does my body have too much of and what does it need?

I know for me personally, the few days after a day like yesterday where I literally shoveled food into my mouth well beyond the point of satiation, I like to stick to earth-based foods. My diet tends to rely a lot on cut up veggies, veggie burgers, fruit, nuts and sparkling water. I feel my best when I eat this way and after eating so much processed food, it’s the perfect way to balance out your diet and get back on the healthy path.

What I’m not saying is that for seven days you can’t think of anything but perrier water or celery. Just eat mindfully. I’ve had way too much saturated fat, carbs and sugar the past few days, so for the next few I’m going to cut back on those things. It’s math, it makes sense, so try to eat like me for a few days or eat what you feel your body needs. It’s always about how you feel and if you feel well, you’ll look well too.

Here’s a few food pics from the past few days. They’re a bit random because I didn’t always have my camera but I managed to take a few:

A sesame chicken stir-fry that I was really close to finishing, but knew I didn’t need the extra rice.

A “skinny” bagel (sliced extra thin) with an egg-white, red peppers and sun-dried tomato spread and an iced coffee with cream and Splenda.

I had about two slices of cheese pizza with crushed red pepper.

A large butterfinger iced coffee from Marylous (obviously) with skim milk and Splenda. Since being on the Cape this week, I’ve had way too many of these.

I’ve also had too many of these, way too many.

Stay healthy & happy


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