Ten Tips to Easy Burning



Whether working in a cramped cubicle all day or sitting at a desk at school, so many lifestyles involve no activity – which is why losing weight is so hard to do.

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, an inactive lifestyle is one of the leading causes of obesity. If you are someone who is stuck at a desk for most of the day, I am here to offer you ten tips to incorporate into your lifestyle that will help you burn more calories. These tips will also improve your diet and keep your metabolism going.

1. Walk your talk: According to msnbc.com, investing in a pedometer is one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to burn calories. Make it a challenge to increase your number of steps each day. Another tip to keep in mind is to try and take the stairs when you are at work or school or to try to take the long way to the bathroom as a way to increase your walking distance. “I’ll usually get up from time-to-time and walk a few laps around my floor to get the blood going again,” says Kat Clark, who works for Rodale Inc. in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

2. Add some swag: Exaggerate your movements! For example, make sure you are swinging your arms when you walk, squatting instead of bending over when picking something up off the ground, and walking like you are on a mission. This will engage your muscles through everyday activities, allowing you to tone and burn more calories throughout the day.

3. Be Happy: Adelino Da Costa, owner of Punch Fitness Center in New York City, reported to MSN that laughing 10 minutes a day can burn up to 50 calories. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who keep you smiling!

4. Catch some Z’s: psychcentral.com says that getting at least eight hours of sleep each night has shown to rid those late night ice cream and Frito splurges. When you get too little sleep, your body also releases a hormone called cortisol which increases your appetite.

5. Keep it fresh: Do you often find yourself volunteering to make the birthday cakes for your friends at work or school? Prevention.com says chewing on gum is a great way to keep yourself from “taste testing” your batter. Brushing your teeth is another way to keep you from carelessly grazing on junk food.

6. Drink more water: According to fitday.com, a nutrition site, many people mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you full and stop you from unnecessary eating. Keep a refillable bottle at your desk as a reminder!

7. You can’t stop the beat: Listening to music, especially when sitting at your desk, will keep your mind active – the fast-paced beat will keep you constantly working. Try putting in those earphones during that 2:30-3:00 pm period when tiredness is known to hit.

8. Act like a lady: Wearing stilettos will tone those leg muscles that you are not used to using – it will also give you an excuse to break out your cutest heels! Having good posture when sitting, standing, and walking also engages your abdominals without you having to even think about it.

9. Get paid to get toned: House cleaning, car cleaning, and yard work all call for arm movements that keep you toned. Strengthen your shoulders and biceps by cleaning the gutters, sweeping the kitchen, and vacuuming. Maybe see if you can even get a part-time job mowing one of your neighbor’s lawns.

10. Relax!: The Washington Times reported that when our bodies experience stress, whether from work or school, cortisol is released, causing our bodies to store more of our calories as fat. Try carrying a journal with you to write down what you are feeling in order to “de-stress” yourself. “I will go for a drive and make sure I have a lot of John Mayer on my ipod when I’m stressed,” says Nicole Esplin, a junior at Elon University in North Carolina.

Like Nicole, it’s important to find your own personal and unique way to de-stress. Although staying fit has the same universal meaning, it still varies from person to person. As long as you are eating healthy, staying active, and having fun, you are on the road to a living a healthy lifestyle.

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