Fro-Yo Craze Gone Bad



Have you noticed how many frozen yogurt places there are today? It seems like no matter where you go these places are popping up on every corner like a McDonald’s or a Dunkin’ Donuts. If your community is anything like mine, people are obsessed with these “guilt free” fro-yo spots that are typically very bright and happy inside. Walk in, grab a gigantic 5 serving-size-cup and load up on sugary toppings! How could you overindulge in yogurt, right?

Wrong. These fro-yo shops may seem like a safe place to indulge but they can be risky to a health conscious person’s diet. Having a large cup makes it difficult to know how much is actually in your cup. In addition, once you head over to the topping bar, your semi-healthy treat is now calorie and sugar-packed. Many people think that this treat can replace a meal because it is yogurt. This is a terrible idea. “Frozen yogurt is basically just ice cream with some yogurt powder thrown in. It’s ice cream with probiotics. That doesn’t make it healthy food. It’s still junk food, but with probiotic powder,” says Mike Adams, editor of This is a harsh but very true synopsis of these fro-yo hotspots.

It is important to know that flavors labeled “fat free” are not always healthier for you. “Fat free” desserts are still delicious because they have added sugar, which we do not want. When I find myself in these mouthwatering places, I dish up a small serving of one of the tart flavors and load up on fruit. If you are going for the other flavors just be aware of the portion size and toppings. A little fro-yo here and there won’t wreck your diet.

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