The Power Behind Power Yoga


Edited by: ERINN BOON

Breath, sweat, shake and reawaken are all words that come to mind while describing power yoga. This workout really works for trimming down, strengthening and lengthening your body. Beyond the physical value of power yoga is the inspirational value, each time I leave a class I am excited about my life and what’s possible. The question for many people remains: what’s so powerful about power yoga?

As studies show, by Applied PhysiologyNutrition & Metabolism, we burn more fat as opposed to other fuels while exercising in heat. Power yoga is heated to about 95 degrees. While you breathe and move from pose to pose, you can feel yourself detoxifying as sweat drips from your body. During an average power yoga class, you can expect to do at least twenty yoga-pushups, hold various lunges and squats and do numerous types of core strengtheners.

An important physiological concept is the body’s ability to become more flexible through power yoga. When a muscle is stretched, its natural reaction is to tighten. This is called a “stretch reflex.” In power yoga, the body stays active while stretching, meaning that while a student stretches the hamstring, he or she also actively engages their quadriceps. When the opposing muscle group, in this example the quadriceps, contracts, it allows the hamstrings to relax the “stretch reflex” and become longer according to D. Sharp’s Stretching for Strength (1996).

But what about the so-called “inspirational” factors? I asked Associate Baptiste Power Yoga teacher Brandyn Negri and she explains, “I use the postures as a way to look deeper into myself. While doing my fifth wheel pose or tenth yoga pushup, I can catch mind being consumed by concepts of not being good enough. When I catch myself thinking this way, I focus on my breath and question: what’s possible in my life if I can let go of the story of not being good enough right now? It’s in that moment that I cross over my own boundary and grow. Who would have thought all that was possible from a yoga posture?”

Whether you are getting on your yoga mat for fitness or a new way of life, power yoga is a good workout for everyone to try.

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