GFGL FOOD BLOG: Brown-Bagging It

I wanted to update you guys on lunch and dinner yesterday because I wasn’t able to post last night after a late shift at work. For lunch I made an awesome salad that I recommend everyone tries! It was so easy and so delicious.

Lunch: Trader Joes Teryaki Chicken Breast (1/2 because they are huge) cooked and put over a spring mix with FF honey dijon dressing and crushed red pepper.

It was absolutely fantastic and a perfect dose of protein to get me through the afternoon at work.

Dinner: Dinner was definitely one of those, “I’m too busy while at work to cook anything” nights, so some strawberry yogurt and Snapple Diet iced tea had to suffice.

It wasn’t much, but again, the protein was filling and was a great source of dairy. Once I got home I still needed a little something so I had a few graham crackers with a tiny bit of the cocoa almond spread. I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Now on to today. For breakfast I once again had some of the mini pitas, toasted with cocoa almond spread and strawberries, but this time I topped two of them with blueberries instead and those were just as delicious.

Lunch: Lunch was something I put thought into this morning as I was getting ready because I knew I would be out all morning for work visiting the science museum here in Boston. That’s where the title for this post came from because ordinarily I would just grab something at work, but today I decided to “brown-bag” it. I packed a yogurt with granola, a peach, and a few ham roll-ups. I thought this was a good balance because I had a good amount of carbs with breakfast.

It was actually very filling and held me over until I got back from work. I’m not too sure what’s on the agenda for dinner. My roommate is out doing some grocery shopping now, but I’m hoping I can pull something together rather soon because I’m beginning to get hungry. A few pistachios may be needed.

Stay healthy & happy


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