Trail Workouts

I just moved from the sunny beaches of Orange County to the green forests of Oregon. Sitting just 100 yards from my house is a beautiful trail that extends to the top of a hill with a rewarding view of the city. Though it may not be a long hike, it’s a steep climb.

It’s more challenging: The various amounts of terrain allows for a challenge that a flat road cannot provide. As you adapt to uphill/downhill surfaces or rocky or dirt grounds, your leg muscles will work to stabilize your ankle and knees. Soon, your core muscles will develop as your body works to stabilize as a whole. The uneven terrain also helps to burn more calories. To prevent tripping, make sure to take shorter and quicker strides and really lift your feet with every step.

There is a lower risk of impact injury: The softer surface will reduce impact on your body. There is more shock absorption on a trail compared to a harder surface. This also helps strengthen your legs.

It’s peaceful! Besides other hikers, the only thing you may hear on a trail is birds chirping or running water. Instead of cautioning cars, enjoy the beautiful scenery and clean air. Let your mind wander and mentally relax.


  • Walk/Hike
  • Swim (if a body of water is around)


  • Check with local authorities or park rangers for wild animal sighting or fire dangers.
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Tell a friend or family member which trail you are using incase you get lost.

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