Traveling Abroad on a Healthy Budget


Edited by: ERINN BOON

Traveling abroad is an amazing experience but like most things, it comes along with stress. Eating healthy and cheap while abroad can be difficult, especially with all the delicious looking treats around! Although it is a common misconception that all healthy food is more expensive, keeping a good diet while traveling can be done on a budget, with some planning!

First, if possible, stay somewhere with a kitchen! It may be more convenient to go out to a restaurant but according to the European Food Information Council, “analysis revealed that the cost per calorie of the convenience diet was 24 percent higher than the home-cooked diet.” Aside from that, going to a market allows the option of buying fresh fruits and vegetables instead of being served French fries or chips.

Tess Johnson, a student who studied abroad this summer in both Croatia and Spain, experienced both having and not having a kitchen in the two countries she stayed. “Having a kitchen gave me the option of controlling my portions and deciding what exactly goes into my meals. It was cheaper to shop once for food for my stay too instead of spending money on every meal every day,” she said.

If living with a kitchen isn’t an option, personal experience has taught me it is possible to find healthy and cheap food in the less popular areas of where you stay. Little home-owned stores cook delicious meals without all the grease! provides helpful tips to eating out on a budget. They say to “divide the money you can spend on food by the number of days you plan to stay in Europe, and you will know how much you can spend each day.”

While abroad it is important to taste all of the local food but also keep your body in mind and stick to a plan to staying healthy and avoid going broke.


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