GFGL FIT BLOG: Three Days Out

Three days to go and I am NERVOUS. I don’t work super well with anticipation so I’ve been obsessing over my pre-race routine just a little bit. I have my sleeping arrangements about as worked out as they are going to get, I’m going to get in 5 miles today and a nice easy 2 or 3 miles tomorrow. I’ve also already packed my bag and am trying to plan out everything I’m going to eat from now until Saturday afternoon.

I recently read an article from Outside about cutting out caffeine before an event so you can get the greatest benefits from it during. I’m trying to do this (espresso is my only real vice these days), but caffeine crashes are not something I want to deal with this week so I’m kind of just cutting back.

All the research I’ve done says I’m supposed to be doing about 1/3 my usual mileage this week. They also say I should be getting about 70 percent of my calories this week from complex carbohydrates like pasta and cereal. I’ve never been to one of the big pasta feeds that are put on before races and, because of the logistics of getting there and time constraints, I didn’t sign up for the one put on before this marathon, but I can definitely see the benefit. Even the idea of getting in a good, solid meal you didn’t have to plan yourself, surrounded by fellow racers all just as hyped up as you are sounds like a good idea right about now, but maybe next time. Personally, almost any amount of pasta works like a sleeping pill for me, which I could see being an advantage the evening before a race. I’m going to go with this idea and make myself some awesome noodley meal Friday night probably with some sort of protein/veggie mix involved.

I read the reviews from a big 10K they held here last weekend and how crazy the heat was. All the weather reports I’ve looked at say my race this weekend should be about 65 degrees which I am just fine with. I’m trying to get a ton of sleep this week as well and, with the lower miles and lack of coffee, I’m kind of feeling lazy. I’m sure this is to be expected but it almost makes me more anxious, too. I do, however, think that when I do get all my preparation done and don’t have to wait anymore everything will kind of just fall into place. I’m excited for that to happen.

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One Comment on “GFGL FIT BLOG: Three Days Out”

  1. June 17, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    Taper madness is no joke!

    I rocked my race and I know that you’ll rock yours!

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