GFGL FIT BLOG: Anticipation

Less than 48 (maybe 36?) hours to go before this all goes DOWN. While I’m really excited to be super freebird Saturday right around (hopefully) 12:15 p.m., up until then I am going to be a big ball of nerves. I cannot wait to just get to the starting line. That’s all. Just get there and only have to worry about running for four plus hours. I know it’s going to be super humid, possibly raining and at the end of a very weird and complex travel arrangment, but I am still so pumped and scared and excited right now it will be the biggest relief to just be there, in the middle of everything. This has been a long, hard road, I have to admit. I am not usually the most disciplined person. I can usually maintain good behavior for a week or so but then, slowly, the need, desire, the want of being lazy and self-indulgent creeps back, but this spring has been different. No matter how things go Saturday morning, I think I proved something to myself, if not anyone else. I don’t say this often, but I’m really proud of myself for sticking to my training. I even my have a list written down of everything I plan on eating until the starting line. Nothing new, all the oldies but goodies. Clif Bar and bananas- always my BFFs. I even made a weirdo whole-grain pasta/veggie/pesto mess for Friday evening. Staying in a cabin with my folks and, knowing their affinity for grilled meats around dinner time,  I’m not taking any chances. With a 45 percent chance of thunderstorms on race day I am taking a leap of faith and going sans iPod. A freightening thought, I know. But fewer distractions are goos right? And I totally don’t want to hid in a Porta-Potty at mile 12 trying to keep that thing dry. So, all in all, super stoked! Like, I want to go now! I hate waiting!


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