RunAmuck is a race that takes place in seven different areas across the country. One can participate in Washington, DC, the New Jersey/Philadelphiaarea, one in New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami. The race varies from three to five miles with obstacles along the way. These obstacles can be scaling over a wall, crossing a river and of course crawling, jumping, and running through mud pits.The race allows one to sign up as an individual, as a doubles team, or as a member of a 4-person team. When I took part in the race I ran it as a 4-person team participating in the one in New York, which was hosted at Anthony Wayne Recreation Area.

Running in a 4-person team not only made race fun, but the pre-race festivities as well. My friends and made tie-dye shirts for the race! The RunAmuck race allows one to participate in an open or costumed category. If one chooses the open category there are no restrictions on attire and footwear, and in the costumed category individual athletes or teams are decked out in their own wacky costume or matching costumes (for doubles and teams).

The race was a true bonding experience, with each team member pushing each other to get to the top of the hill or over a wall. In addition, there was a lot of laughter as others and my team crawled through mud! The end of the race was by far the best part. Each racer is faced with a big mud pit. It was so funny watching people slide, roll, and even jump down the small hill into the mud pit to get to the finish line.

This race was unlike any race that I have ever done. Most of the races I have participated in consisted with my cross country races in high school or running around a track. Most of the people at the festival did not do it to win, but just to have fun.

I highly recommend one’s participation in RunAmuck. Sure, you get covered in mud, but the experience was worth it! For more information of RunAmuck check out

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