GFGL FIT BLOG: Marathon Travel Mishap

I’ve been doing some light runs the past few days and taking it a little easier than usual and making sure I get plenty of rest. Only one week to go! Tapering is kind of like being on vacation, but you know when you get home your going to have a bunch of stuff to do and it’s really all you can think about.

I am not a great planner. When it comes down to it, I tend to let the chips fall where they may. While this is a great hippie-like way to be for some things, it may have thrown a wrench in one aspect of my marathon training. I’m trying to get my race-day/weekend plans in order and am starting to realize that I maybe should have planned the whole situation a little better. My race is Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth ,Minnesota. Now, Duluth is on the shore of Lake Superior. I’ve never been there when it wasn’t violently cold. It’s a pretty small-ish town and this race is a big-ish deal. So the town gets a bit crowded. For reasons beyond my control, I no longer have a hotel in line for the night before the race. This is a problem because all of the rooms in town seem to have been booked about two months ago and I was really hoping to have good hotel-sheet-night’s sleep and hit up a hot tub post-run. I currently live a minimum of four hours away from Duluth, which is not a drive I would like to do at 2 a.m., so not an option to drive up that day. I have a friend willing to camp out with me randomly on the side of the road somewhere, but that seems like it could end with police involvement and that’s not what I really want to do a few hours before running a marathon. (I would, however, be all about bragging how I slept on the ground the night before and everyone thinking how hardcore I was, if I’m being totally honest). My parents have rented a cabin about 40 minutes from the race start, which is probably where I will end up staying at this point, but I’m kind of not looking forward to driving myself at 5 a.m. to a place I’ve never been and figuring out parking and such. It will work out just fine, but let this be a lesson to anyone out there traveling to participate in a race. Plan ahead on where to stay! The week before hand has enough stressors without thinking about sleeping in your car.

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