Spin Your Way To Health


Edited by: KELSEY CRUZ


Spinning, the exercise regimen originally designed for professional cyclists, can intensify any fitness routine. Since every celebrity, personal trainer, and fitness guru boasts its benefits, I decided to find a local class and see for myself. The official Spinning® web site provided various facilities in my area, and I chose RPFitness to log some miles.

According to Mad Dogg Athletics, the world’s largest equipment-based education company, the spinning bike embodies the spirit of a racing bike and provides an indoor training option for cyclists. Since spinning has gained such popularity, many gyms offer classes and dedicate entire rooms to spin bikes and instruction. At RPFitness, the Mad Dogg-certified instructor, Amanda Jesko-Miles, helped me set up my bike and said, “Don’t worry about trying to keep up with us. Just challenge yourself and remember that this is for you.”

As Jesko-Miles guided and encouraged us, dance music motivated us. During ‘flat road’ drills, we turned our bikes’ gears down low. To simulate riding up a hill, we increased the gear level and resistance, strengthening and toning our thighs and glutes. We practiced our balance and endurance as we alternated between sit-down sprints and slow riding to stand-up sprints with a combination of ‘jumps.’ As my thighs screamed, I focused on my form.

“In spinning, form is very important, both for safety reasons and to get the most out of the workout.”” said Jesko-Miles.

Spinning classes are ideal for newcomers and those who hitting an exercise wall. When you work out frequently, you often become bored with particular exercises and realize you’re not seeing many changes in your body. Spinning classes reawaken your body by strengthening your legs, stabilizing your core, and building endurance. They provide new challenges, both individually and in group settings. An instructor-led class can help you focus on your workout instead of your to-do list (which, let’s face it, ladies, never really ends).

“This program is all about you,” said Jesko-Miles. “Listen to your body and pace yourself because you’re doing something good for yourself.”

Twyla Fields, a spinning enthusiast, has been taking spinning classes at her local YMCA for two years. She uses a spinning bike equipped with a monitor, a computerized instructor for those unable to attend a class at specific times or prefer solitary exercise. Fields incorporates two spinning workouts into her exercise regimen per month, varying her routine in order to optimize her workout.

“You don’t want your muscles to get too used to the routine because then you won’t be building muscle anymore,” Fields says.

Although I could barely walk after my first spinning class, I knew that I had begun to tone my thighs and increase my endurance, making the pain worthwhile. If you would like to try a class as a guest, click here to find a facility near you and receive a guest pass in your inbox. Happy spinning!



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