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Having trouble staying motivated when it comes to exercising? Catch up with a friend and break a sweat at the same time. Working out with a friend is the time where peer pressure can be a good thing; you can push each other to keep going while adding the element of fun. Even if you are not the competitive type, working out with someone can make you more competitive. Sarah Gayle Ballagh, a student at Radford University, says the best part about working out with a friend is simply laughing. “It also gives people someone to hold them accountable to their workout program or, if you are motivated by competition, it gives you someone to beat.”

There are many things that you can do with a friend to get a great workout. Simply strength training and hitting the gym with a partner is a way to make the gym fun. With the sun-filled days this summer try something different and train for a race together. Running with a partner is safer, they make good pacesetters, and they are good alarm clocks to get you up and going.

Adventure races are popping up all over the U.S. These races usually consist of running, hiking, biking, and some form of water sport. These races resemble a triathlon; you have a team of three to four people and you change gears throughout the sports during the race. This is a great way to get active and try something new with friends while building teamwork skills.

Jennifer Bilek, owner and personal trainer of Loudoun Fitness, says, “Friends can do a Zumba class together to dance and laugh. Even something as simple as pushing strollers together and walking instead of driving to the local coffee shop [is great exercise].” Jennifer explains that TRX suspension training is great for friends to do together. TRX is suspension training to a method that allows you to work against your own body weight.

According to, there are 6 outdoor strength-training-exercises that can be done with your best friend, creating the greatest best friend workout. Do 10-15 reps of each exercise and repeat for a total of 2 sets.

1. Wheelbarrow Pushup

(Works the chest, shoulders, triceps, gluteus maximus muscles (glutes), and abdominals)

Get into pushup position (hands beneath shoulders and back straight) and have your friend squat down and lift your legs. This is the wheelbarrow position. While she is picking you up, make sure to tighten your glutes and your abs. When ready, bend elbows and do a push up. This is 1 rep.

2. Tree Limb Pull-up

(Works upper back, biceps, shoulders)

Grab a tree branch with your palms facing you, knees bent, and ankles crossed so you’re hanging. Have your friend grab your shins for support. Pull your chest up to the branch (have your friend help you if you need it). Hold for 1 second. This is 1 rep.

3. Dip and Curl

(Works triceps, thighs, and abs)

Sit on the edge of a bench, hold the bench at your sides, and inch yourself off the bench. Walk your feet out so your knees are over your ankles. Extend your right leg, and rest your right heel on the ground. Bend your elbows and lower yourself while at the same time pulling your right knee toward your chest. Hold for a second, push yourself up, and extend your right leg without touching the ground. Do 4-6 reps, and then switch legs. This is 1 set.

4. Foot-to-Foot Bicycle Crunch

(Works abs)

Lie on your back facing your friend toe-to-toe. Press the soles of your feet against your friend’s and lift them off the ground. Contract your abs and lift your head and shoulders off the ground. Pull your right knee toward your chest, extend your left leg, and twist your torso bringing your left elbow to your right knee (your friend will do the same). Hold for a second and switch sides. This is 1 rep.

5. Partner Row

(Works upper back)

Have your friend assume the plank position (balancing on forearms). Squat down (using good form) and pick up her legs. Lean forward from your hips, bend your knees slightly, and extend your arms to your sides. This is the starting position. Keeping your back straight, abs tight, and elbows close to your body, squeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your elbows straight back, lifting your friend’s body up. Your friend needs to contract her abs to stay straight. When you lift her, have her pivot from her shoulders and not her back to prevent injury and create the best workout. Hold for a second and slowly bring arms back down. This is 1 rep.

6. Double Bridge

(Works glutes, hamstrings, quads and abs)

Lie toe-to-toe with your friend; press the sole of your left foot against your friend’s right foot and extend them up. Contract your glutes and push down on the grounded feet and lift your hips up. This is the bridge position. Hold for a second then lower and switch legs. This is 1 rep.

Finish the workout with a light jog for some great cardio exercise. Working out with your friends isn’t only fun, but it makes working out more exciting so you’ll want to do it every day.

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