GFGL RACE REVIEWS: Knoxville Marine Mud Run


The Knoxville Marine Mud Run is a three-mile obstacle course that guides each participant through the hilly and scenic countryside of Knoxville, Tennessee. Held on an early September morning, the southern weather remains conveniently warm as the leaves just begin to change into their vibrant fall shades. Although the view of the rolling hills and misty lake are easy on the eyes, the Marine Mud Run is far from easy for the body.

Although the race is a short run for long-distance runners, the challenge was getting through the various obstacles placed on the course. Participants are expected to perform training exercises commonly practiced by the Marines. Among the many obstacles includes steep hills, jumping over logs and tires, wading through a river and many mud pits. From mudslides to army crawling through thick and rocky mud, this race definitely gets runners dirty!

As a cross-country runner throughout high school, I relied on my sport to remain active and healthy. I was never one who found upper body workouts to be enjoyable, thus leaving me with weak arms. The amount of upper body strength was difficult for me, so the portion of simply running was where I felt most comfortable.

Yet, this is not the race in which one strives for a gold medal or a PR. Often, participants join in groups to get through the course together. I ran the entire race with one of my friends. In my experience, it was much more enjoyable to jump over hurdles and sludge through mud when there was someone beside me pushing me to finish.

The Knoxville Marine Mud Run was unlike any race I have ever experienced. It challenged me to work my entire body, and created a special memory between my friend and I as we rode home in my clean, white car. Word of advice: wear old clothes and shoes, as I made the mistake of wearing fresh running shoes. Now, they will forever be tinted orange.

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