GFGL Featured Interview: Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert Larysa DiDio


Celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Larysa DiDio, gives Get Fit Get Life readers tips and inspiration to stay healthy and fit!

CJ: How did you come up with your stick-to-it tips?

LD: From experience!  I’ve been training clients for over 20 years and have learned what advice makes them successful in achieving their goals.  The advice needs to be practical, easy to apply and fun (because dieting and starting an exercise routine sometimes can be a little “un-fun”).

CJ: Are you basing the success of the workout on your results or others?

LD: Both!  I use all of the tips that I recommend to my clients.  Just because I’m a personal trainer doesn’t mean that I don’t struggle with the same issues as everyone else.  Sometimes a doctor is the worst patient….and I have to be stricter on myself than on others. 🙂

CJ: Can you suggest any simple workouts for girls in apartments and dorms?

LD: Working out at home can be great!  Use the “equipment” that you already have like chairs, radiator boxes, stairs, cushions and couches.  They make perfect tools for getting fit.  Try reverse dips off of the radiator boxes, do push-ups on the edge of the couch and make your squats harder and unstable by doing them with your feet on your couch cushions (place them on the floor).  You just have to get a little creative but you can make your own gym in your room!

CJ: Do you have any workout advice for women who are slender looking to gain hips through a workout?

LD: I started weight training in my teens because I was a bit thin and looking to get stronger.  The best exercises to put on lean muscle in your lower body are the squat, leg press and deadlift.  Perform 8-10 reps for 3 sets.

CJ: What made you want to become a personal trainer?

LD: I knew from a young age that I wanted to change people’s lives through fitness.  At 10, I used to set up obstacle courses for my friends in my backyard and help them improve their times.  I learned how to teach aerobics in my early teens by doing hours and hours of Jane Fonda videos.  Those poor videos were played so much they were skipping by the end!  She helped me get my first job at 16 teaching aerobics at Gold’s Gym.

CJ: What lead you to work in NYC?

LD:  I always loved NYC and knew I’d end up there.  I would drive over the 59th street bridge on the way to Ukrainian School on Saturdays and peer into the Vertical Club (they had an above street track that you could see from the bridge) and dream about teaching there.  I got my first job in NYC there teaching 3 hours back to back of high impact aerobics, step and body sculpt to over 120 fitness hungry people on Sunday mornings.  It was madness! But I loved it!

CJ: What do you feel lead your business to becoming successful?

LD: My background in anthropology.  I love studying people, their habits and what makes them tick and do the things they do.  Once you establish this, you can help them establish healthier habits that are doable and permanent.

CJ: Some women complain they don’t want to work out because they like to keep their softness. What advice can you supply to have manly strength, without looking like one?

LD: You can absolutely keep your “softness” or your body fat a little higher and still enjoy the benefits of strength training (increased metabolism, toned shape, decreased back pain and injury)….. You need to just alter the method a little by doing a program that consists of mostly body weight exercises and keeping your diet higher in fat.

CJ: Is this statement fact or fiction and why? Doing sitting ups doesn’t not flatten the stomach, it only makes the muscles behind it stronger causing the stomach to pudge out.

LD: False, false, and false.  I’m wondering what infomercial pushing their crappy product made this one up?! I’ve heard it before and it’s false.  Muscle tone is denser than fat and the more you train a muscle the more dense it is and less room it takes up on your body.

CJ: What are your feelings about Mrs. Obama’s campaign to help kids get fit, eat right and stay health? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

LD: Earlier on in the campaign launch I wasn’t thrilled with her work.  I felt that it was just a campaign with lots of PSA’s and hype and not much usable information and tangible results.  As a result I think that she’s stepped it up big time and I am very happy with what she’s doing now.  She’s turned it around to a smart program that she’s immersed herself into and genuinely looks pleased and interested in helping the youth of America get healthier.  I’m psyched!

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