GFGL FOOD BLOG: Fruit Isn’t Always Free

I’ve been thinking a lot about fruit lately. This is probably because strawberries have been on sale more often and my roommate brought home a huge watermelon from her trip to the grocery store last week. I love watermelon, especially because it always makes me feel more hydrated. Since cleaning up my diet, fruit has become more of a treat than a staple. By ditching processed foods, I’ve found that I taste how sweet some fruits really are. Before, when I would eat strawberries, it didn’t seem like a treat unless they were dipped in chocolate, but now they take care of  my sugar cravings without any of the extra additives and I still feel good about myself afterwards.

The beginning phases of the Dukan Diet don’t allow any fruit consumption, but that is one thing that I disagree with about the program. I do agree, though, that some people don’t take into account the sugar content in fruits because they think it doesn’t “count” because it’s natural. Natural or not, sugar is sugar, and you should try to limit your intake if you want to feel your best! They are packed with vitamins and I feel ten times better about myself after choosing watermelon as a sweet fix rather than full-fat ice cream.

I wanted to write this post to show you guys that fruits do count when you’re looking at your diet. You shouldn’t ignore your intake and think they’re freebies because they aren’t magic or made of air. Here’s a list of some of the fruits highest in sugar:

  1. Orange: about 12 grams
  2. Cantaloupe (1 cup): about 13 grams
  3. Apple (raw with skin): about 14 grams
  4. Honeydew Melon (1 cup): about 14 grams
  5. Pineapple (1 cup): about 15 grams
  6. Pear: about 16 grams
  7. Watermelon (1 wedge): about 17 grams
  8. Mango (1 cup): about 22 grams
  9. Grapes (1 cup red or green): about 25 grams
All values were pulled from the USDA website.

Stay happy and healthy


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