GFGL FIT BLOG: It’s all in the bag

I ran 8 miles yesterday, plan on doing another 8 today and I feel pretty good about everything. I’m even going to go buy new socks tonight. My idea of a fun Friday night might be a little off these days.

I am also anxiously awaiting my race-day packet’s arrival on my doorstep for the Grandma’s Marathon on June 16. The race-day pack things are always very intresting. They come with the obligatory t-shirt, directions, foot clip-sensor-thingy, pens, weird bandaids, asprin samples, ads for other races, etc. But they also come with, in my experience, a ton of coupons for restaurants. Not like healthy restaurants or smoothie bars or free five dollar foot-longs, but like free appetizers at TGI Fridays or Outback Steakhouse. Those people deep fry a whole onion. I could see how that may seem appealing after finishing a long race- a little glutenous reward for all that hard work and eating grilled chicken for three months straight. While I’m all for a little indulgence, it just seems kind of cruel. So many people enter these races to make a lifestyle change, a change that often involves avoiding chain restaurants that make their empolyees wear “flair.” Maybe this is just a Wisconsin thing since thats the only place I’ve ever run a race. We do love things fried in the north country and it really did seem to be the only thing askew about the events. No one ever threw a corn dog at me when I crossed a finish line. Just those little coupons in a plastic bag next to the pens–just reminding you how easy it would be to forget the whole thing and go have a beer and a basket of fries and watch those sweaty people run by. I’m definitly reading too much into it. I know race promoters have a tough job and need sponsers and there isnt anything wrong with a little food heaven now and then. This probably has more to do with the fact I’ve been eating mostly mangos, wheatgrass and salmon. Maybe some fries would be a good idea.

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