Konkura Review: Fitness Challenge


A healthy lifestyle can be tricky to maintain if you don’t have a good support system. Someone to push just a little more, challenge what you thought you could do, add some always needed motivation. Basically, someone to keep things interesting. The good people on the Konkura network can do just that. Konkura is a free sport, fitness and workout site where you can compete in, or create fitness challenges and then invite your friends, or the world, to join.

Founded in 2010, the idea behind Konkura is that everyone is good at something. It’s more like a social network for fitness enthusiasts. You can find challenges in almost any category from angling to equestrian to boxing. Members post their scores and add photos, comments or videos about their progress.

Konkura tries to cater to every interest and physical ability level. There are challenges to test your prowess in one afternoon, like the Headstand Challenge, or long term ones like the Fastest Half Marathon Challenge. There are also healthy living challenges like the challenge to Eat Clean For 30 Days.

Each challenge has a leader board, a message wall and even a video wall. I tried the Pushups in One Minute Challenge. I didn’t win but it did get me to try doing normal, not “modified” pushups for the first time in years. And some of the videos posted were simply amazing to watch.

For professionals, gyms and personal trainers can also create challenges for their clients and members based around particular fitness goals.

The site’s blog is a great place for the gym-inclined to get in on the latest and greatest in equipment and fitness trends.

While the site could be a little difficult to navigate in the beginning but the friendly, motivated atmosphere of the site made sticking around to figure it out well worth it. The site is free to join and the addition of healthy competition is always a welcome addition to any workout regimen.

According to the site’s mission statement…

“Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, swimmer, rower, footballer, strength athlete or just interested in getting a little fitter or losing weight, you’ll find a challenge for you, and a community of like-minded people to train against and enjoy friendly competition and extra motivation with.”

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