GFGL FIT BLOG: Springtime Antics

I was out doing a pretty standard 8 miles this morning on my usual trail. It’s nice because it goes through town. I run it in the dark a few times a week. I know pretty much every inch of it. Basically, it would be mostly boring if it wasn’t more than four miles, but today went a little diffrently. Today there was sleet. I’ve been out in the rain before, I’ve been out in snow and cold and heat and been chased by a dog, but something about sleet makes it by far the most miserable weather element to deal with. I wasnt expecting this attack of awfulness since I was just wearing a sweater (I wear a sweater sometimes when I run in the cold- it’s not very practical and looks pretty crazy cause it’s a Cosby-like one, but I pretend no one can see me so its OK). So about five minutes into this ordeal I was soaking wet and very, very cold. Thankfully I left my iPod at home or I would have been hiding under a bridge trying to dry it off, but since it was just me and my stupid sweater I decided I would have an adventure and keep running. I pretended I was some sort of adventure racer or Olympian who didn’t care about the weather or how uncomfortable I was, I could just block it out of my mind. While I was able to finish the last five miles of my run, I have to say it was not the most fun I’ve ever had running. By the end I was cursing the midwest and imagining the terrible cold I was developing. A few cups of tea and a hot shower later, I’m feeling a bit better about my decision to stick it out. But that sweater is still in a wet, angry pile on floor.

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