v.method cardio Fusion Review


Vicki Vara, the founder of the v.method was kind enough to send along the cardio Vusion DVD to Get Fit Get Life so I could try it out. The DVD combines Pilates, ballet, and yoga. Talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck! I was sweating after the first five minutes of the workout and my legs were shaking by the end! Now, I’ve taken Pilates classes and I’m a huge yoga fan, practicing regularly, but Vara has combined the best from both to really focus on getting the most out of a short amount of time.

It was so easy to do, all I needed was a chair and mat and I was good to go! When I was crunched for time, I chose one of the shorter twenty-minute segments to do (the entire workout is fifty minutes long). I’ve done workouts on demand before and always found myself constantly watching the time count down on the screen, pleading with the television to put an end to my misery, but Vara kept the tempo up throughout while constantly talking and encouraging me to push myself. I felt like I was in her studio and found myself pushing harder and actually taking in what she was saying.

After the first workout, I will admit my legs felt a bit like Jell-O and the next day I struggled walking up and down the stairs while going to class, but it felt good to be sore. The exercises worked out muscles that I wasn’t tapping into on my own. I started seeing results after using the video on a regular basis; especially in my upper arms and abs, two of the most troubling spots for women! I strongly encourage everyone to check out Vicki Vara and the complete v.method personalized wellness program where you will not only find the cardio Vusion DVD but also information about Vara’s other services, including nutritional coaching, personal training and private classes.

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