GFGL FOOD BLOG: Serving Sizes Cheat Sheet

My friend and I were talking the other day about serving sizes and just how oblivious the average person is to how much of that ice cream they should really be eating. Trust me I’m no saint, I’ve had my share of empty chip bags staring back at me and felt the guilt associating with consuming five servings of something rather than one. Most people, even if they do try to follow nutritional guidelines, have no idea what a cup of cereal or an ounce of cheese really looks like, so I’ve put together a little cheat sheet so you won’t have to carry a measuring cup and scale as accessories.


1 pancake = 1 CD

1 cup of cereal = 1 tennis ball

2 tablespoons of peanut butter = Ping-Pong ball

1 medium size fruit = fist


1 cup green salad = fist

1 slice of bread = cassette tape

½ cup of grapes = light bulb

¼ cup of raisins = golf ball

1 ounce of cheese = thumb

3 ounces cooked meat, poultry = deck of cards


1 baked potato = 1 tennis ball

1 ear of corn = 1/2 cup serving

½ cup of cooked broccoli = a light bulb

3 ounces grilled/baked fish = 1 checkbook


1 cup of ice cream = 1 tennis ball

½ cup chips, crackers, popcorn = 1 handful (for each)

1 ounce of pretzels = 2 handfuls

1 ounce of chocolate = 1 floss container

1 ounce of nuts = 1 handful

Stay happy and healthy


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