GFGL FIT BLOG: Running and Singing in the Rain

April showers came a little early to my part of the country this year. Since it is still unseasonably warm, I wanted to search out some tips on how to best stay comfortable outside when it’s wet. You also never know if it’s going to be raining on race day and I for one don’t plan on undoing months of training just because I wasn’t prepared for weather.My favorite tip? Coating your feet in Vaseline. Mostly because it feels weird and because it’s great blister prevention. And if your roommate walks in on you doing it, it will be a pretty awkward explanation. 🙂

While my advice is unsolicited, these are the best pro tips I’ve found, courtesy of The New York Daily News and their awesome team of experts…

-Be careful for slippery stuff; for example, white lines pained on roads are much more slippery than the basic black asphalt.

-The best piece of gear is a hat made of technical material with a brim. This will keep moisture off your head and face, which will make you feel more comfortable. Don’t wear a hat made of cotton, which will only get soggy and heavy.

-Although your feet are going to get wet, you should make an effort to avoid puddles so that you can avoid getting your feet completely submerged and sloshy.

-Once home, place newspapers in your running shoes. They’ll absorb the water and help them retain the shape. You might need to replace the newspapers a couple of times.

-When planning your route, you might want to consider doing a loop that takes you back to your house or your car and changing your shirt and then going back out to finish your run.

-*My favorite piece of advice* One thing to take comfort in is that once you are wet, you are wet. It’s really not going to get much more uncomfortable if you’re just going out for a few miles.

When else are you going to get soaked and know it? Embrace the rain and you will feel like you beat mother nature at her own game!

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