Meditating Your Way to Fit


Many people may have caught wind of some of the vast benefits of mediation. As research on this continues so do the known benefits. Some of the most common of these include a reduction of stress and anxiety, increase in blood flow, decrease in heart rate and increase in happiness levels. In addition to these, there are many lesser known but equally beneficial side effects. One that has been recently peaking interest everywhere is its aid in weight loss.

Getting ready for swim suit season? Some dedicated practice with meditation can help kill the urge to eat! Occasionally becoming ravenous is familiar to everyone (at least I hope that is not just me)! Next time that mouth watering feeling comes on, instead of reaching for that (not so) thin mint, a quick breathing exercise can help clear your head. Try something simple like counting your breath. Then be sure to always ask yourself if you are hungry or if there is a different underlying reason for your food craving. According to Nina Smiley PhD, you build this habit the way you build a muscle. Eventually, eating becomes a choice rather than a thoughtless habit.

Whether you are losing weight or not, meditation has more than physiological benefits. It increases serotonin levels in the brain and also increases self-confidence. Evan Mesh is a college student who, for the past several years, has increased his mediation practice to a faithful daily one. “The physical benefits are infinite,” says Mesh.  You can start with something simple, like counting your breaths as previously mentioned.  Some peoples use prayer beads or other objects during meditation. Other types of meditation, like the one used by Mesh, may involve a certain focal point. Furthermore, many people think you have to sit down on a boho floor pillow in front of the Buddha statue to achieve a fulfilling meditation, but this is simply not the case.  “My meditation is not always a sit down and practice method,” says Mesh. “It can be as easy as telling yourself to breathe correctly for three deep breaths and allowing the universe to expose its beauty within you and without you.”

“The results are not instant, but you must put energy into the universe for the universe to hear your prayers. Currently, I focus on my weight lifting and my muscles becoming stronger when I meditate. I believe my meditation has allowed my body to heal and strengthen itself faster and more efficiently than when I was working out and not meditating. They say we create our own reality through our mind. Meditation helps develop our mind. Meditation can be directly related to creating and shaping the body, brain, and life that you wish to live. It just all requires energy, belief, and love.

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