GFGL FIT BLOG: Gross Things

I ran 17 miles yesterday. I can’t say it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Having run 8 miles the day before, I have to say my legs are a little sore. It wouldn’t have been so difficult if it hadn’t been so hot and humid here. And probably if it hadn’t also been St. Patrick’s the day before and I hadn’t stayed out quite so late. I know it’s not the worst decision I’ve ever made, but nothing else is really coming to mind at the moment. It still feels pretty darn good to be able to say I ran 17 miles, though.

On the plus side, I did find Motlon Brown Island Pine Leg Soother at the store today. Apparently, island pine bark helps to boost circulation. It seems to work pretty well and isn’t nearly as intense as my previous peppermint oil adventures. Plus I don’t smell like gum when I use it.

Other strange things that happened… I ate half a grilled salmon yesterday, which was delicious, but I keep thinking I smell like fish ever since. Also, one of my toe nails fell off. I have to say I’m pretty disgusted by this. I’ve had some weird/creepy foot stuff happen before from running a lot, but this just seemed to happen so naturally–it was really freaky. No pain, no discomfort, just “POP” and gone. I’m definitely not going to be wearing sandals for a while but I am going to treat this like a badge of honor. Or a war wound.

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