GFGL FIT BLOG: 16 mile run. Done.

It was a big day- I ran 16 miles this afternoon. I’m pretty sure that is the farthest I’ve ever run in one day. I’m starting to really get excited seeing the miles build. I started with the first eight outside because it was beautiful out. I got bored and kind of cold and drove the three miles to my local gym for my final eight. Now, I’ve completed two half marathons before. After the first I made a massive lunch with, like, six eggs and a ton of vegetables, ate two bites and passed out in an angry sleep for a few hours. After that I went out with some friends to “celebrate” my run, forgot how dehydrated I was and proceeded to be a bit of a mess and pass out by 9 p.m. Let’s just say I was unprepared for a good recovery. More like I had no idea what recovery entailed aside from eating and drinking water. I did a little better after my second race a year later and was pretty much satisfied to go to brunch (with mimosas- they just sounded so good) and watch the cool kids finish the full marathon. I think I also got a foot massage, which sounds amazing right about now.

Nevertheless, I am committed to coming up with a better recovery plan post long runs from now on. I have a pretty good stretching routine down these days and have concocted a delicious recovery drink involving wheatgrass, oranges and protein powder. I haven’t really done any research on whether or not those are good for recovery, but they make me feel better so they can’t hurt. The consensus seems to be that you should wait no longer than two hours to eat after a hard workout. It’s a strange sensation after really long runs that I can’t imagine eating anything, even when I know my body really needs it. I think that might have something to do with dehydration. I’m excited to see what everyone else has in mind for post-race snacking.

I will thankfully be staying in a hotel during my race in Duluth in June which I can only hope, hope, hope has a hot tub because they are by far my favorite post-workout pass time (scratch that, post-anything). And, as always, lots and lots of water never hurts anything. Grandma’s Marathon has a tradition of offering a glass of beer to runners post-race. I am very much not opposed to this idea, but I’m guessing that sort of celebration, for me at least, will stop at that glass.

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