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Loud hip hop music makes the room vibrate. Hips gyrate in one slow motion while arms circle clockwise in the air. Sweat beads trickle down your body in a heated room. This is not a scene from a Britney Spears video–it’s a group practicing BUTI, a new fitness trend that’s slowly taking over the West Coast.

Created by founder Bizzie Gold in Hawaii, BUTI classes have since popped up in gyms and studios all over the western coast of the U.S. BUTI is a 90-minute class that combines yoga, dance, conditioning, and circuits of pylometrics. The movements are inspired by many hip-shaking dance styles such as African Tribal, Brazilian Baile Funk, and Crunk. Gold believes that the people of all fitness levels can try BUTI.

“BUTI can be scaled to suit the needs of any student fitness level,” says Gold. “The workouts were originally designed as a form of cross training for competitive and professional athletes. With that in mind, each workout can be made as difficult or basic as possible.  Each BUTI class component has modifications to suit any skill level. The vast majority of BUTI classes will challenge the most advanced athlete as well as the humble beginner.”

For those not located in California, Colorado, or Hawaii, Gold encourages students to try the classes online. People can subscribe to Team BUTIFit, an online workout subscription that includes nutritional suggestions, recipes, sample meal plans, and an interactive Q&A forum. Along with Team BUTIFit, Gold plans to focus on building the site’s online community with videos and blog posts on a number of health topics.

“We will be encouraging our Team BUTIFit members to be active on our forums and ask questions and suggest topics for us to cover. We love to be on the cutting edge of health, nutrition and fitness and will be sure to address pertinent topics to help our Team reach their goals as quickly as possible,” commented Gold.

People who have tried BUTI rave that the classes help tone muscles and slim down body fat; those who haven’t tried it are willing to experiment with the exercise.

“BUTI ‘yoga’ looks like a mashup that is part yoga poses and part dance moves. It would definitely be fun to try it out,” says Rebecca Dai, a health enthusiast.

To learn more about BUTI fitness, visit them online.

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