Break the Fitness Rut: Hybrid Classes


The human body is a pretty incredible machine. It can take a high demand ‘killer workout’ and shortly turn it into a walk in the park. According to Health News, the human body is very efficient and quickly adapts to the stress you place upon it. When you repeatedly perform the same exercise, your body eventually requires less energy and strength to perform the exercise.

Efficiency would seem like a good thing, sadly though, it is not. By doing the same thing over and over, we are placing less of a demanding stress on the body. This leads to less of a caloric burn and a smaller addition of muscle mass than we would typically like. The secret to getting out of this workout rut? Mix it up! Try workouts you have not done before. This will challenge different muscles and put a whole new strain on your body (strain is a good thing). Hybrid classes are a fun and easy way to mix things up.

Spin combo classes: Spin classes are always provide a beneficial workout. According to the Livestrong foundation, you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories in one hour of spinning depending on your weight and the intensity of the workout. Some gyms offer spin class combined with yoga. Other gyms, like the one that college student Samantha Speake attends, offer spin with weight training. Resistance bands are used for arm, back and shoulder work while on the bikes and core work is done on the floor at the end of class. “There is always something new and I have never walked out of the class without being covered in sweat,” says Speake. Check your local gyms for classes.

Yogilates: Yogilates is a combination of Hatha yoga and pilates. Similar to yoga and Pilates, it is intended to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. A yoga or Pilates mat, and possible other props are used during the class. Yogilates typically ends in a traditional way with relaxation and meditation. Instructor Diana Knox, who has been teaching fitness classes for 19 years, says that teaching Pilates classes are the highlight of her week. “While I am typically a high intensity trainer, no one can leave my class and say they didn’t get a core workout. I look forward to it every week,” says Knox. Check your local gym for classes or work out in the comfort in your own living room with a DVD.

Piloxing: This class is a combination of Pilates and boxing. It was created by Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen. It is known as the ‘latest Hollywood Celebrity fitness craze sweeping the nation.’ The Piloxing website describes the new class as Jensens mission to physically and mentally empower women through fitness. At the core of Piloxing is the principle of feminine power and it aims for women to attain a sleek, sexy and empowered self-image. It is offered in many gyms nationwide. If you can not find it near you, the DVDs are sold on the Piloxing website, or even at Target. Twenty-year-old Emily Boatman recently tried a Piloxing DVD.“It was the perfect length. I got a great workout without ever considering turning the DVD player off, which, lets all be honest, everyone wants to do during at home fitness programs. At least I hope that’s not just me,” says Boatman.

No matter what you choose, just mix it up!

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